When we experience art, we enter into a dialogue, we look into the distance and experience what it means to be human. The mission of the Nationalgalerie and its houses, which we FRIENDS support with great enthusiasm, is to open up this contemporary view of art in ever new perspectives to a broad audience.

As FRIENDS, we combine civic engagement to make what is possible possible. With our unique 'business model' of pre-financing exhibition projects, taking on the risk of refinancing and also the realization of the project, we are expanding the scope of the National Gallery's possibilities. We are their reliable, yet agile partner.

I would like to continue working on this and set an important course for the future success of FREUNDE in a rapidly changing world. I would like to thank Gabriele Quandt and my board colleagues for their trust and would be happy to stand for election as chairman.

Christian Kohorst, FRIENDS of the National Gallery / Photo © Peter Rigaud