• ArtistCeal Floyer
  • TitlePeel
  • Year of Origin2003
  • GenreInstallation
  • Technique and DimensionSlide projection, scale variable, 2/3 + 2 AP
  • Erwerbungsjahr2020
  • Erwerbung der StiftungYes
  • Donation by Dr. Christian Bauschke to the foundation of the Freunde der Nationalgalerie for contemporary art

© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Nationalgalerie, 2019 Schenkung von Heiner Wemhöner, Herford an die Stiftung des Vereins der Freunde der Nationalgalerie / die Künstler / Elmar Vestner

For her wall-sized projection work Peel, Ceal Floyer used the eponymous function of the Adobe Premiere program, which was used at the time for the transition from one image to the next. Floyer’s work gives the impression of a gallery wall that slowly “peels itself away”. The context of the original program function no longer makes sense. The medium itself becomes an object of visual experience and a now almost absurd projection. At the same time, the work is an example of the artist’s pun, whose work titles are often ambiguous.