• ArtistRosa Barba
  • TitleFrom Source to Poem
  • Year of Origin2016
  • GenreVideo
  • Technique and Duration35mm-Film, Farbe, Lichtton, 12 min.
  • Erwerbungsjahr2020
  • The acquisition was made possible by Gabriele Quandt and Julia Stoschek

Rosa Barba: “In my new film I like to investigate the dynamic spatial concept of modernity which is based on the idea of pulsating space, which can be understood as both interior and exterior space at the same time, and which seeks to overcome the conventional boundaries. At the level of urban planning, this spatial paradigm is concretized under the form of the penetration of built and undeveloped free space. Sculptural solitaires are arranged in a free space that flows unrestrictedly and ideally form free, harmoniously weighted compositions. Mies van der Rohe, Bruno Taut but also more less known architects which envisioned this thinking of freedom through architecture in urban space are the protagonists. The starting point is Berlin.“